Daniel Linden’s Books

The Aikido-Ka
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The Aikido-Ka is the second book in The Parker Mystery Series featuring Aikido Sensei Parker, a sometimes Private Eye. Parker’s old friend Derek Gunner comes to Parker with a request to find the long lost son of his former army Captain who is dying. Barely excaping that meeting with his life Parker figures his job is done, only to find that instead of going back home and teaching aikido he now has to head to the Chicago suburbs and get the young man out of big time trouble. He’s in Jail for murder and the F.B.I. is screaming for the locals to release him to their custody as well. Parker does what he needs to find a way to save him and in the process finds a stunning woman lawyer that sweeps Parker away like a good Irimi-Nage throw.

The Aikido Caper
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In The Aikido Caper Sensei Parker faces a mysterious challenge when someone decides that the classic movie, Above the Fray will not be re-made. He is hired to protect the star and his wife, known collectively as Thadenzuela – Thad Deep and Valenzuela are Hollywood stars of a great magnitude and won’t allow their bodyguard to wear a gun. In comes Parker, an aikido master and head of a school that is falling on hard times. He needs a job and they have one for him. Protect them. Parker saves them from a kidnapping attempt, roadkill and air kisses, but quits in the face of shotguns and multiple attackers, “It’s time to call in reinforcements,” he says. Eventually they realize that the only person who can make the action scenes in Above the Fray look real is Parker and he is brought back as the martial art choreographer. Just in time.

Journey – On Mastering Ukemi
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Journey is an allegorical tale that takes the reader to the highest mountains in the world and teaches the mysteries of Ukemi along the way

This is the second book in the Mastership Series by Aikido Master Daniel Linden. Mr Linden continues his enigmatic and powerful instruction with an allegorical tale of test and triumph in the high Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

The Journey we all take from birth to death can be exciting, powerful, enriching and engaging or it can be one of quiet desperation. The choice is yours.

Journey is a tale of one young man’s attempt to engage that kind of life and his teacher’s attempts to show him the way. Mr Linden has shown a sense of humor, self-deprecation, and humility almost unique in the world of martial art masters and Aikido teachers especially. His worldly views and occasional lapses make this one of the most enriching and wonderful stories of martial arts and personal triumph ever written.

Journey – On Mastering Ukemi will have you grabbing your passports, calling for reservations, announcing your itinerary on Facebook, and bolting out the door. What a great story!

On Mastering Aikido
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On Mastering Aikido takes the reader on a journey through the world of the martial art known as Aikido and the teachings of Daniel Linden Sensei and his master, Mitsugi Saotome. Written for advanced students of the art – those who are already conversant with the fundamental teachings – Linden Sensei crosses the line often between teaching and entertaining with humorous, touching stories of years of training in the world’s most difficult martial way.

On Mastering Aikido consists of nine dialogs, an Introduction and Afterward. The dialogs are each devoted to one of the main principles of Aikido knowledge, what Linden Sensei refers to as the Eight Pillars of Aikido Wisdom. We discover a ninth in the Afterward, but as Linden says “It is almost impossible to attain.” These dialogs are pleasant to read and clearly explain each of the principles in conversation between teacher and student and sometimes teacher to teacher. Interspersed are stories and anecdotes that bridge the gaps between times, attitudes and enlightenment.

On Mastering Aikido applies as well to the study of Aikido as it does to yoga, karate, judo, basketball, tennis, tango or any activity that uses the human body as a tool. The book’s focus is on physical mastership and the rules which Linden Sensei lays down can be applied to any human endeavor. It was written to be read as a continuous effort, but each chapter can stand alone or it can be selected for specific interest. The overall effect is almost that of a novel as the reader is swept up in Shoshin Aikido Dojo while students are engaged in training, relaxing and work around the school. European journeys become travelogues as the dialog unfolds. The book is engaging, enjoyable, enlightening and humorous. In an age when most Martial Art books read like math textbooks, it is a rare find.

The Content of Character
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Imagine discovering something so profound it could change the entire world for the better. David Posey believes he has. David is autistic and along with his brother Joe, suffered violence as a child. David has spent his fifty years wanting to be normal, loved and engaged in life, but simply can’t get beyond his past and his disability. David believes that what most people believe is racism is actually something else. When he demonstrates it, people change immediately and for the better. It is through this device he believes he can heal the world and heal himself.

David’s brother Joe was the best high school basketball player in America and the events that ruined David’s life were brought about by Joe’s pursuit of his dream. Joe survived and prospered despite a nightmarish journey in Viet Nam.

The Content of Character tells the multigenerational story of a melting pot American family from David and Joe’s childhood onward. David is the voice. He builds a relationship with Amanda, a co-worker in the market research firm where he operates the waiting room for interview subjects. Despite his inability to express himself with any device but a quoted song lyric or a line from a television show he manages to tell her his story.