About Daniel Linden Sensei

Daniel Linden Sensei is master instructor of Shoshin Aikido Dojo. Training in Martial Arts for over 50 years, Linden Sensei has been teaching Aikido for over 35 years. He is ranked rokudan from Hombu Dojo. (6th Dan). Mr. Linden is also Master of Modern American Martial Art Systems, a teaching program that welcomes all martial artists and styles while still using aikido as the most powerful mitigating factor.

Starting with Boxing in Chicaco in 1962, Linden Sensei also practiced Judo, Karate, and Wrestling. After serving in the United States Navy in South Viet Nam, Linden Sensei began his study of Aikido in Chicago under Takahashi Sensei and later under Akira Tohei Sensei.

Linden Sensei moved to Florida in 1975 to be able to train with Mitsugi Saotome who had just arrived from Japan. There he opened his first Aikido Dojo in Central Florida in Crescent City. In 1977 he moved to Denver, Colorado and founded the Rocky Mountain Aikikai, which is still in operation. Linden Sensei moved back to Florida in 1982 and taught Aikido at the University of Central Florida before founding Shoshin Aikido Dojo, Int. in Orlando.

Sensei Linden has many interests that spill over into the teaching of his art. The Dojo has a luthiery studio and Mr. Linden builds custom mandolins, guitars and violins. He also plays guitar, mandolin, and violin for The Rocky Mountain Memory Show which performs on local and national tours. He is an avid traveler along with his wife Laurie and has seen the Anatalyan Deserts, the High Himalaya and the Citys of Europe.

In his career as a Security Specialist for the City of Olando he has been on special assignment to the F.B.I., Ogange County, The F.D.L.E. and has served with the Presidential Detail of the United States Secret Service under three presidents.

Over the years Daniel Linden has taken advantage of the freedom to develop a unique approach to Aikido that also draws on his strong martial background. While embodying the principles of Aikido, he has found a fresh approach in explaining these principles to Westeners using non-Japanese terms. He has made this approach availabe to all Aikidoka through his book “On Mastering Aikido”.

Mr Linden published On Mastering Aikido, 2nd Edition April 2011
JOURNEY – On Mastering Ukemi in May 2011
And his major Literary novel, The Content of Character in June 2011

It was a busy year. He is currently working on a project to create a series of mystery novels based on an Aikido Sensei who moonlights as a Private Investigator. Intended to be tongue in cheek and fun reading it is a break from his serious work. Look for the first to be released in Autumn of 2011 (It was a really busy year!)